Harley Durst

Award winning Stunt performer, actor, creature effects and movement specialist and martial artist, Harley Durst has cultivated a fascinating career in film over the last 15+ years.  He’s worked across a multitude of big, blockbuster franchises including Marvel, DC and Star Wars.

His stunt career is perhaps his widest:  He was the Tom Hiddleston stunt double in Thor: Ragnarok, performed stunts in two Wolverine films (X-Men Origins:  Wolverine and The Wolverine), Kingsman:  The Secret Service, Maleficent and Star Wars Episode 9:  The Rise of Skywalker.

In Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker, Harley performed the impressive stunt of being slammed into the ceiling on the First Order ship The Resurgent.  He doubled for Simon Paisley Day as the First Order General Domaric Quinn, who is Force choked by Supreme leader Kylo Ren when he questions Ren’s allegiance to the Sith Eternal (a great little nod to the Vader choking Admiral Motti scene in A New Hope). 

To Star Wars fans, Harley is perhaps best known as the gangster Moloch from Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Harley was in the suit (whilst the late great Andrew Jack performed the voice).  Together they created a truly memorable Star Wars character that played a key role in young Han Solo’s development.

As always, a proportion of the autograph sales will be donated the guest signers chosen charity, and Harley’s charity of choice is AIME Mentoring.  AIME looks to “eradicate educational inequality for marginalised kids”.  You can learn more about their efforts here: https://aimementoring.com

Private Signings are delighted to welcome Harley to the PSO family and we are proud to introduce him as our new guest signer.