Aidan Cook, Matt Lyons, and Paul Warren.

Aidan Cook, Matt Lyons, and Paul Warren have all been integral members of the UK based Disney era Star Wars CFX team from the start – having all worked on Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – but it wasn’t until the Disney+ show Andor that they’d all come together to bring the fabulous, Uber Star Warsy character Doctor Quadpaw to life.

He can be seen in season 1, episode 6, titled ‘The Eye’, with Aidan Cook as the body and Matt Lyons and Paul Warren performing the additional arms.

The official Star Wars site states this about the good doctor:

“In a dimly lit operating theatre on the world of Frezno, the surgeon known only as Doctor Quadpaw tends to desperate patients with nowhere else to turn. With the help of cybernetic enhancements to sharpen his sight and hearing, and four dexterous organic arms, the skilled physician works swiftly to help those in need — provided they have the credits to pay.”

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