Katy Kartwheel

Circus and CFX performer Katy Kartwheel.

Katy’s work can be seen in The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story. In The Force Awakens, she performed the droid Hurid-327, lovingly known on set as Big Red. Katy, on stilts inside the impressively tall droid can be seen walking away from Maz’s castle as Han Solo, Finn and Rey walk towards it.

In the Last Jedi, Katy performed as one of the caretakers on Achto and in Solo, she formed 1 of 2 performers for Beckett’s crew member Rio Durant. Katy provided the movement reference for Rio Durant, while Jon Favreau provided the voice.

A proportion of autograph sales determined by Katy Kartwheel will be donated to her chosen charity.
Katy will be supporting Extinction Rebellion. You can learn more about Extinction Rebellion here:

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