Send in Service for Tom Bell’s Private Signing


We will email you the postal address for send-ins after purchase. Please print your confirmation email from us and post it in with your item.



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The following are the Terms & Conditions for SEND-IN items.  Please ensure you read, understand and follow these instructions. 

Notes for Packaging:

  1. All send-in items must include return name and address details.  Your item(s) will be returned to you in the same packaging it came in.
  2. Paid return postage should be included with every send-in item(s).
  3. Ensure you include a name and address label (a post-it will suffice) on the reverse of the item itself, in case the item becomes separated from the return packaging.
  4. Weight of packaging is crucial.  If you send your item(s) in bomb-proof boxes, tubes, etc. the return postage will be considerably higher.
  5. After the signing we will send out postage options once we have packaged and weighed your send-in item.

Photo of Signing 

If you choose to add a photo of the signing to your order, please be aware that the photo will be either of the signing taking place itself, or of the guests holding up an image from that particular signing.

Notes for Items:

  1. Please add a post-it note to the front of your item (with a directional arrow) pointing to where you would like the autograph placed.  If this is not present, the signer will use their discretion.  Though you are asked at check-out to confirm pen colour choice, it doesn’t hurt to restate it here on the post-it.
  2. Use the same post-it (if possible) to state your personalisation message.  Again, whilst you’ll be asked to do this at check-out, having it on the post-it will ensure no problems occur when it comes to the time of signing.
  3. If you are sending your item in a top-loader or similar, please include a name and address label on this in addition to the label on the item, to ensure both are returned to you.
  4. Add a brief description of the item you are sending in at point of check out.  Basically, the more info that ties your name and address back to the item, the better!

Whilst we pride ourselves in ensuring all items are returned to the sender in exactly the same condition as they were sent to us, all items are sent to us at the owners risk. cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost items.  If you require Tracking / Signed / Special / International etc, we will send out postage options once we have packaged and weighed your send-in item after the signing.


Unique Witness Certificate

We offer an autograph authentication service. This means that a representative from was present at the signing and guarantees that it is 100% authentic.
A unique barcode and ID number sticker is provided with each autograph (adhered to the reverse of item or placed on a card) and can be used to identify and verify that specific item on the’s online database.
By choosing our authentication service, you can be confident that the item that we are providing is 100% authentic, be it from a private signing or our online store.


We are not responsible for any taxes or duties or customs or fees that your country may impose upon the return of your item(s).
NO refunds, unless the signing is cancelled. All signature amounts will be refunded, but we will not be responsible for any shipping charges to have your items returned.

And finally, by placing an order with, you are accepting these terms and conditions.